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Swagelok New Zealand

Your Authorised Swagelok Sales and Service Centre

Brainpower by Swagelok


Learn techniques to improve your fluid system outcomes directly from Swagelok-certified experts at a location near you. Companies across a wide range of industries are focusing on reducing or eliminating unplanned shutdowns, leakage and failure due to non-compliant installations along with costs association with loss of man-hours.

Swagelok can help.

Understand the cost of leakage

Education is key to ensure your staff have the skills to keep your plant running and Swagelok are listening, creating tailored courses around the areas you need the most help.


  • Process Analyser Sample Systems Training (5 days) (PASS)
  • Sample System Maintenance Training (2 days) (SSM)
  • Material Science – Corrosion (COR)
  • Grab Sampling Training (GSP)

Let Swagelok relieve the pressure and together we can help provide a higher quality training plan for your staff, reducing re-work and downtime, giving them stronger job satisfaction and you better installations with a stronger bottom line.