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Swagelok New Zealand

Your Authorised Swagelok Sales and Service Centre

Swagelok Custom Solutions can help design and fabricate almost any type of application. We've already helped hundreds of companies save time and money on their installations, by building pre-fabricated panels and assemblies, reducing site installation time while improving quality. 

Our qualified installers handle all the hard work and as a result, our assemblies are covered by the Swagelok Limited Lifetime Warranty.

See below some examples of what we've built and let us know how we can help you, with your next project. 


 CSP0155 LR    
 Power - Differential Pressure Instrumentation Hook up    
 CSP0151 LR  CSP0153 LR CSP0154 LR 
R&D - Regulator & Valve Panels
Energy -  Nitrogen Purge Panel Gas - Manual Sampling Panel for Gas Service 
 csp0143 LR CSP0146 LR  CSP0150 LR 
R&D - Lab Gas Supply Panel  Energy - Pelican Test Case
Mining - Manifold Panel
 CSP0135 Incitec Pivotlr CSP0138 lr CSP0141 Emerson Process lr 
 Pneumatic Distribution
Refining - Process Sample Conditioning Sub-system
Refining - Sample Conditioning
 CSP0129lr CSP0130lr  CSP0131lr 
Power - Blowdown system
Chemical - Sampling
Refining - Sampling
CSP0115lr   CSP0122lr  CSP0096lr 
Refining - Grab Sample Power - Wet Rack System
Process - Fusible Loop
CSP0097LR CSP0104LR  CSP0105LR 
R&D - Membrane Gas
Analytical - Carbon Dioxide Sample Conditioning R&D - Helium Instrumentation
 CSP0107LR CSP0108 PNG  CSP0112LR 
 Chemical - Regulator Manifold Power - Differential Pressure Instrumentation Hook up
R&D - Helium Regulation
 CSP0106LR  CSP0113lr CSP0114lr 
Refining - Manual Grab Sample    O&G - Instrument Gas
O&G - Carbon Dioxide Sample Conditioning
 CSP0119lr CSP0120  CSP0128lr 
 Medical - Hydrogen
Research - Gas Control Panel
 Research - Instrument Gas