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Swagelok New Zealand

Your Authorised Swagelok Sales and Service Centre

Construction Specialists

Swagelok - A global company with local presence.

Our global network of Key Construction Managers can provide local support at any construction site, or wherever package supplier may be located. Swagelok is committed to our geographic locations for the long term – enabling us to service your operation over the complete life cycle. We are one interconnected global organisation – “One Swagelok” – with people on the ground in every location.


New Construction project

New construction is one of the most difficult challenges in industry today. The scope is large, with many entities taking part across the globe and myriad regulations and standards that are always changing. Swagelok is dedicated exclusively to addressing these challenges relating to new construction projects and fluid handling systems. We excel at making connections and covering the gray areas in any large project that spans geographical regions. At the same time, Swagelok is a valued technical partner, with engineers and scientists that can consult with owners and engineering companies on design and recommend efficiencies and cost-saving measures. We provide an exceptional level of service over the full life cycle of your asset:

• Global and local support and coordination

• Technical partnering

• Design specification accuracy

• Quality products with the industry’s best warranty

• Services to make the project run smoothly and ensure the integrity of your asset design across the installation


Engineering the future

Technical knowledge is a key element of the multi-discipline team servicing a new construction project. Our team of design engineers, field engineers, metallurgists, and compliance experts will be with you the whole way, helping to ensure that your installation will:

• Consist of the most efficient configurations

• Conform to all regulations and standards

• Produce reliable readings

• Be comprised of appropriate alloys or other materials compatible with your environmental or process conditions


During the pre-FEED, FEED, and EPC stages, Swagelok engineers are available to collaborate with you on detailed drawings and specifications. Very often, we can recommend choices that will simplify installation and maintenance.

In the design phase and throughout fabrication and construction, our technical team also considers the bigger picture – how technical decisions relate to budgets and costs, on-time and trouble-free start-up, and predictable and minimal maintenance into the future.


Swagelok – helping you achieve your goals

In new construction, you’re looking for ease of construction, trouble-free start-up, and minimal maintenance after commissioning. In all these areas, Swagelok products will steer you toward your goal. We engineer and manufacture our products with the full life of the product in view – from ease of assembly and re-assembly, to leak-tight performance, corrosion resistance, and extended cycle life. We aim to provide a reliable, safe experience for the life of the installation.