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Swagelok New Zealand

Your Authorised Swagelok Sales and Service Centre

Control for pipeline assets

For reliability and continuity of supply for critical supply lines


Supporting the Pipeline Industry

With gas becoming one of the most important resources in Australia and New Zealand, investment in pipelines, compressor stations and other equipment has increased, with companies trying to build a high integrity network that's cost effective.

Swagelok is active on gas supply chains (pic) helping make these systems reliable, with minimal field servicing, so they are efficient and dependable.

There are many ways we can help …

Products and Services that support you.

pipeline - PI

Process Interface

Process connectivity and minimising connections are an important way to minimise and sometimes eliminate potential leak points. The Swagelok series of Process Interface Valves provide high quality isolation and venting options, with a wide range of flange types and sizes. Utilising integral Swagelok tube fittings to flanges eliminates more leak points and costly service work onsite.


pipeline - SS

Sample Systems

Ensuring the quality of the product you're transporting is important, monitoring air and moisture along the pipeline requires quality components to prevent sample contamination. Swagelok offer a wide range of preassembled sampling systems and also custom designed sampling systems to meet your analysing needs. Our Field Engineering team can also visit you onsite, to review your existing system and troubleshoot problems, providing a report of corrective actions.ANALYTICAL INSTRUMENTATION    SITE SERVICES

pipeline - Ind Training

Industry Training

Swagelok have a complete range of training courses to up-skill your staff quickly, giving you more reliable systems and staff that are engaged and connected with the vast technical resources Swagelok have to offer.

Whether you need training on Tube Fitting Installation, Thread Identification, Tube Bending, Corrosion Training, Regulator Basics, Valve Selection or Process Valves, Swagelok can support you with this.



pipeline - Onsite

Onsite Support

Swagelok provide a wide range of onsite support services to help you identify improvements in your system, boosting efficiency and reducing costs for your business. We can come to site for system installation advise, product selection support and design support. Contact Swagelok today to discuss your onsite needs.   VIEW OUR ONSITE SERVICES WATCH VIDEO – How Swagelok Services Can Help You

pipeline - SIS

System Integrity Services

Our Field Engineering Team are available to conduct complete reviews of your Grab Sampling Systems, Analyser Systems and other Compressed Gas systems, providing a detailed report showing improvements that can be made, prioritising them based on your needs and budget.



pipeline - fab


No one knows the inner workings of fluid system components better than Swagelok - or how they best work together. That's because Swagelok has been designing and manufacturing fluid system components for more than 65 years; no other company offering assembly services can say the same.

Whether you have a preliminary drawing or just the glimmer of an idea, it’s not too early to consult with our fluid system experts. From quote to delivery, we can provide the detailed support you need.


Wherever You Are, We're There.

As a global organisation with strong local presence,Swagelok® can support you no matter whether your operating area is the Taranaki Basin, Santos Basin, Bass Strait, Queensland coal gas area or the Papua New Guinea highlands. Local sales and service centers deliver on personal service that leads to high-value relationships you can count on in the long run.

When you partner with Swagelok, you connect to a technology leader. You gain access to high-quality fluid system components, training, and a global network of knowledgeable associates who are passionate about helping you solve the tough problems you face in discovering new energy reserves.

You also connect to top-notch engineering, design, materials science, and logistics support. We know oil and gas, we understand the applications, and we know the standards and regulations. We can help you overcome challenges, like the harsh environments that produce conditions like corrosion,  hindering your operations.

Take a closer look now and discover where Swagelok gives you an advantage.